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OIKOS Software was the construct of Janice Leahy-Daniels, a Partner at Dahn & Leahy LLP, now known as L&V Partners LLC, a professional services firm. Various models and tools historically used as part of the consultancy and service augmentation have been organized and repurposed.
Effort was made to automate various aspects of the model offerings, with an underlying goal of having a baseline architecture and SaaS platform from which to put forward our analytical applications.
Once these applications came to fruition, OIKOS Software, Inc. was separately organized and managed.


OIKOS Software Overview

OIKOS Software is a leader in cloud-based financial applications for planning, reporting and analytics.
OIKOS Software performance management customers benefit from improved business agility, security, and lower overall cost compared to legacy on-premises alternatives. World-class companies trust OIKOS Software to augment their strategic financial processes. OIKOS Software is a fast-growing, private company headquartered in New England with partners around the globe.



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