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Expertise and Support

Our Customers have available to procure three levels of support services. These services will require a separate Order Form that covers each End Customer Agreement, to which OIKOS Software can provide these Services. Each service level agreement, shall be referenced interpreting local Jurisdictional regulations.


Specific Supplement, shall be deemed to include such Order Form (and Jurisdiction-Specific Supplement, as appropriate).

Level 3 – Product Support – Expert B2B product support professionals provide one-on-one routing of the program providing invaluable instructions, information, guidelines, and tips as you navigate through the software.

Level 4 – Managed Consulting & Solutions Support - OIKOS Software can provide B2B consulting & Solutions services. This may include OIKOS Software driving the process to enable the customer to free internal resources. Managed Consulting & Solutions Support services delivered are subject to OIKOS Software’s then prevailing rates.

Level 5 – Customized Training- Training/educational services delivered are subject to OIKOS Software's then prevailing rates. Travel and expenses associated with delivery of training courses will be invoiced separately. Private courses are available and subject to a 3 person minimum.