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We are innovators propelling new heights and breaking traditional barriers. We provide intuitive and practical solutions to meet the specific business needs of our customers.


OIKOS Alpha™

Tax positions vary in complexity and size. We offer a fresh perspective on UTP calculation and measurement.  Our advanced analytics go beyond management’s best determination of a UTP. After navigating through an identification decision tree, a user selects then drills into UTP parameters such as factors influencing position, structural type, adjustment/level of impact, and complexity of position. These factual labels lead to calculations of settlement probabilities resulting in a stronger position when recording and monitoring UTPs. 


Report tables are downloadable in several formats to accompany a business’s tax provision files. Our program is global, meaning a user can outline a position for most tax jurisdictions.


OIKOS Omega™

Our offering is a UTP inventory builder, sustainable account inventory record builder, sub-schedule tracking, and jurisdictional documentation support reporter in accordance with ASC 740 and ASC 275. In addition, a legal entity organization chart builder allows a user to schematic the entire tax landscape and notations. This platform is a great compliment to the OIKOS Alpha™ solution.



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