OIKOS software - Your Partner in Manchester, NH

We are innovators propelling new heights and breaking traditional barriers. We provide intuitive and practical solutions to meet the specific business needs of our customers.


OIKOS Software is a horizontal solution not a vertical niche. As such, all companies with treasury, and finance needs are our customer base, and those with multiple locations (domestic or international) look to benefit the most from efficient standardization.


Our customers range from small domestic-based operations to large multi-national conglomerates.
Addressing the ability to manage cash flows in various currencies and countries remains a significant challenge for all executive and financial professionals, and easing this has a ripple effect through to earnings per share, and essentially market value. OIKOS Delos® does not represent a particular vertical.
OIKOS Delos® represents a "horizontal", one that impacts all lines of businesses, with one strategic benefit: predictability.